Frequently Asked Questions

Aviation Fuel Supplier

Isb Petroleum provides direct access to performing Jet-A, Jet-A1, and TS-1 aviation jet fuel suppliers. Isb utilizes its global market knowledge and logistics experience to provide direct access to aviation jet fuel suppliers and or aviation jet fuel buyers of Jet A, Jet A1 and TS-1 worldwide. The Isb Petroleum division provides CI Dip & Pay, FOB Rotterdam & viable Russian,Turkey Ports and CIF procedures.

Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?

You can have a water softener in combination with our boiler as it will prevent the hot water circuit from scaling up and losing efficiency.  However, the central heating circuit should be filled with hard water and a chemical inhibitor.  This can be done by using the water softener bypass when filling or topping up.  Alternatively, the filling loop feed can be connected upstream of the water softener.

Can Worcester products be used with underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating may be installed with our entire range of boilers and heat pumps, with the exception of air to air heat pumps. In particular, underfloor heating is ideal for use with heat pumps which provides the added benefit of extra efficiency. If you are considering installing underfloor heating, please be aware that additional external controls and pumps may be required. *Please be aware of zoning and the suitability of each appliance to these requirements.

Do I need an additional room thermostat or timer to use the Wave?

No, the Wave operates as a room thermostat and has timed programmes for heating and hot water.

General Questions